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Best 7 Highest paying job in Nepal 2023

Highest paying job in Nepal 2023

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Do you want to know which is the highest paying job in Nepal 2023. Nepal is a growing country with rising opportunities for the youth of the nation. Do you wonder what job role can pay you a handsome salary in Nepal? Take a look at these highest paying job in Nepal 2023.  To work at these great jobs one has to have a good educational background. Consultancies like the Krishna foundation help confused students decide their careers and get admitted to one of the best universities around the globe.

Founded in 2013, the Krishna foundation has helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired universities and programs. With a professional team of expert counselors, they have achieved in-depth information on various educational fields. Krishna foundation has successfully placed 500+ students in their desired college at their desired course of study.

Some of the highest paying job in Nepal 2023 are:


CEO stands for the chief executive officer, which is the highest-ranking person in the office. They are the most responsible position which takes care of the expansion and plans of the office. The CEO is also responsible for all the management tasks of the company. Every important decision must reach the CEO and have to be approved by them for further action.

The position of CEO can be achieved by a bachelor’s degree in business administration and on-job experience in a similar working environment. Some business aspirants prefer getting a master’s degree in business administration to upgrade their skills in their careers. The average salary of a CEO in Nepal is approximately 10-12 lakhs per annum.  it is one of the highest paying job in Nepal 2023.

Aviation Professionals

Aviation professionals are the experts in the aircraft industry who handle the management and execution of the air industry. There are several branches of the aviation industry, and all of them have a series of good average salaries. The professional industry has job careers like pilots, Flight attendants, air traffic controllers, etc.

The aviation industry has taken tremendous growth in Nepal, resulting in immense demand for aviation working professionals. All the careers in the aviation industry are trained and skilled with the best quality of education to manage and execute the work in the aviation industry. This field of industry pays a salary of approximately 5-9 lakhs per annum.

Medical Professionals

The medical field is one of the most growing industries all over the world. This field requires skilled and qualified doctors and health workers who take care of the patients and cure and treat the illness. Medical professionals have an enormous demand all over the world with the growing health issues like the global pandemic COVID-19.

The medical industry includes a career like a doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, etc. They examine the patients with the historical background of the illness and then cure and treat the patient with relevant treatment and medication for their well-being. Medical professionals also teach people the correct practice for a better and healthy lifestyle. The average salary of medical professionals is 18-20 lakhs per annum.

Law experts

Law experts are advisors, Advocate advisors, consultants, or other advisors having qualifications and experience in law and duly authorized to deal with all legal matters. They provide suggestions and advice on the legal matters of the organization. Every organization has to go through some legal issues and approvals. Legal experts are the best people who act as consultants and advisors for the betterment of the organization. They have an approximate salary of 20-24 lakhs per annum.


Bankers are the financial professionals who work at the bank dealing with the deposit and withdrawal of money at the bank. Bankers have the great responsibility of functioning the bank for the citizens. They advise about the investments, savings, and loan-related queries of the clients.

Their knowledge and advice help the client to function in their organization and earn huge profits. To become a banker, one has to complete a bachelor’s degree in finance and complete an internship in the respective field of career. They have an approximate salary of 5-7 lakhs per annum. It is one of the highest paying job in Nepal 2023.


Engineers are the professionals who build, design, analyze, and examine, etc. machines and systems for human life to make their lives easier. There are various branches of engineering which enable them to choose a career according to their interest. Engineers are a reputed career field all over the world, which is used in almost every industry of work. Some of the very famous fields of engineering are software, mechanical, civil, etc. The approximate salary of an engineer in Nepal is 10-12lakhs per annum.

IT Professionals

IT professionals can be understood as software tech that has immense knowledge of the internet and its techs. Software engineers are one of the most reputed parts of the IT field. This field deals with the coding and algorithms of websites and apps, etc. The full form of IT is information technology, which deals with the management and development of apps and information sites on the internet. The approximate salary of a professional is 5-9 lakhs per annum.

The following are some of the highest paying job in Nepal 2023. Hopefully, this article answers all of your questions and provides you with the relevant knowledge.

If you are looking forward to studying in any of the above careers, get a free counseling session at Krishna Foundation. We have helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired programs. With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students in India.


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