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Why are Indian Universities The Best Choice For Nepalese Students?

Indian Universities the best choice for Nepalese students

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Many Nepalese students are studying in India for their higher education. But why do Nepalese students choose India Specifically for further studies? Well, we have some answers to why Indian universities the best choice for Nepalese students. India has been providing great educational assistance to Nepalese students who want to live in India for further education. With outstanding quality and a wide range of education systems, India accepts many students from all around the world. Indian Universities have been helping Nepalese students with job placements and career placements all around the world through their great tie-ups. let’s see why Indian universities are the best choice for Nepalese students.

Krishna foundation is an education consultancy in Kathmandu, Nepal, helping students secure their future with the top promising Universities in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. We have the vision to share vast educational information with our Nepalese students to help them brighten up their future. Founded in 2013, the Krishna foundation has helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired programs. With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students.


Indian universities have a good acceptability ratio compared to any other university around the Globe. With equivalent education quality and practical syllabus, Indian universities are renowned all around the work. Nepal is the closest country to India with supreme quality of education, Indian universities have a soft corner for Nepalese students. The acceptability gives more chances to Nepalese students to get selected in college and universities for the desired courses.


India, being one of the youth hubs of the world, provides smart placement opportunities to students. The placement opportunities can be known as the jobs in the related study field provided by the universities to their students. Approximately all the universities in India have tie-ups with the major leading companies around the world, which hire freshers directly from the university for good placement offers. This opportunity provides students the chance to learn about the work patterns of the proper business environment.


There are various scholarship opportunities for Nepalese students, both fully and partially in India. These scholarships are related to the highly renewed government and private universities which share a good quality of education and practical skills with their students. You can read more about the various Indian scholarships for Nepalese students on the website blogs of the Krishna Foundation. The students are provided with great scholarships in almost every course and stream of education in India.


India has one of the best qualities of education in the world. The universities are renowned internationally and the Indian students are respected all around the business fields. A student with an Indian university degree is treated with great respect and is provided with the best jobs possible around the globe. The value of education is one of the most important reasons students all around the globe get admitted to the Indian university. 


Indian universities provide a wide range of courses in the educational industry. India, with its great educational infrastructure, has adopted a variety of education courses all around the world to deliver the most flexible study structure to its students. Indian universities cater to the ambition of every type of student with every sort of educational demand. With this variety of education, Nepalese students choose India for the availability of a good range of educational courses.


If we compare some of the highly reputed and common courses like medical, engineering, etc, India has to be a cheaper option for Nepalese students. Nepal has very limited courses and study streams of education which have very high fees charges. These fee structures don’t cater to economically weak students therefore, India along with its immense scholarships campaign provides the most affordable study options for Nepalese students.


India, being one of the highly developed nations in Asia, has very good technologies and infrastructure in the educational industry. Compared to Nepal, India has an excellent education system with good career options, along with a great study environment with labs, practical technology, etc. The Indian universities use the latest and urban study tricks which will help the students get prepared for the upcoming future. This feature has attracted many students across the globe.

With these and many more other features, Indian Universities are one of the best options for Nepalese students compared to any other university around the world. Being one of the most powerful neighboring countries, India also provides various benefits to Nepalese students who are willing to study in India.

If you are looking forward to studying in India, get a free counseling session at Krishna Foundation. We have helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired programs. With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students in India.

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