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Why choose Krishna Foundation over other consultancy?

Choose krishna foundation over other consultancy

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Krishna foundation is an education consultancy in Kathmandu, Nepal, helping students secure their future with the top promising Universities in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. There are several reasons why you should choose Krishna Foundation over other consultancy. We have the vision to share vast educational information with our Nepalese students to help them brighten up their future. Founded in 2013, the Krishna foundation has helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired programs.

With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the necessary educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students. Our affiliation with top universities in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh has resulted in the enrollment of 500+ Nepalese students every year.

There are many consultancies in Nepal but Krishna Foundation stands in the spotlight because of its services and vision to help students get access to a successful future. There are several reasons why you should choose Krishna Foundation over other consultancy. some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Experienced professionals

Our team of experienced professional experts in Krishna foundation has gathered all the necessary educational information required for a student to enroll in their preferred career-related university. Our team encourages the students to work hard and sharpen their skills to achieve outstanding success in the upcoming future. We believe in sharing quality and truthful guidance with our students, which makes them confident about their own journey to success. With a quality and friendly study environment, our students get the opportunity to rectify their careers and follow the correct path.

Career Guidance

It’s normal for a student to get confused regarding his/her career after high school. It is the responsibility of teachers and families to help the kid explore their creativity and passion and choose a career accordingly. That’s exactly what the Krishna foundation does. We help our students get familiar with the career options of their interest. Once the student has chosen a particular field, we help them with the admission and test procedure to get them started with their journey of knowledge.

Great Affiliation

Krishna Foundation has affiliated with many top universities in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, which cater to the flexible needs of an aspirant. Every year approximately 3000 students get counseling sessions from which 500+ students get enrolled with their desired career choices at the top universities. We have affiliated with top universities in India to help our students build a strong and captive career for the upcoming future. We have collaborated with Popular Medical and engineering colleges in these three nations to provide our students with a wide range of options.

Admission Procedure

Our motto is to provide our students with an easier and stress-free experience of admission. We help our students find their dream college and action plans to initiate their first step. We guide our students with the lists of documents and paperwork required to enroll in the university swiftly. We also help them prepare for the entrance test preps to help them get closer to their goal.

Test preparations

Krishna Foundation guide and prepares its students to score promising marks on the tests required for the admission process. With a great team of experienced teaching faculty and staff members, we enhance the skills and knowledge of our students to help them clear the examinations, resulting in getting admitted to their choice of university. We help our students with SAT, ILETS, IND-SAT, and SAT-II examinations.

Scholarship details

There are many specialized scholarships for Nepalese students in India, which give the students opportunities to rise and shine in their respective career fields. Many students are not familiar with the scholarship and thus tend to get troubled while enrolling. Krishna Foundation has immense knowledge of every scholarship available for Nepalese students worldwide, which gives higher chances for Nepalese students to get selected. We guide students with the correct and trusted information directly from the sources to help our students build their future.

Guaranteed college placement

Unlike any other career consultancy, Krishna Foundation helps Nepalese students get guaranteed college placements in their desired courses in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Our top priority is students’ satisfaction, which motivates us to work hard on every individual student. We try our best to educate our students with every possible information and prepare them to face any obstacle in the upcoming future. By the end of the journey, we want our students to be happily placed in their careers and have a successful future ahead.

The above-mentioned are some of the reasons why you should choose Krishna Foundation over other consultancy. Due to these factors, Krishna foundation stands out as one of the top education consultancies in Nepal.

If you are looking forward to studying in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, get a free counseling session at Krishna Foundation. We help our students with accurate and effective educational information to get enrolled in their desired careers.

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