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opportunities for Nepalese Students in India

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India is one of the most commonly preferred career locations for Nepalese students. Many Indian students have been living in Nepal to complete their medical education, while many Nepalese students go to India to complete their higher education. India being the neighboring country of Nepal with similar cultural and ethical backgrounds, is very easy for Nepalese students to adapt to the Indian education environment. It is believed that approximately 29% of the foreign students studying in India are from Nepal. In this article, we discuss the opportunities for Nepalese students in India.

Many students from all around the world enroll themselves in their desired courses at different private and public universities in India for engineering, medical studies, MBA, etc careers. Along with good infrastructure and an educational environment, India provides students with a higher success rate of getting a brilliant career out of their education.

Many students start their careers in India early because it has good exposure to international companies inclined toward huge business markets. This exposure also gives Nepalese students an equal opportunity to work in a highly reputed international or Indian company to take their job careers to the next platform.

India is known for its outstanding quality of education, which makes it the youth hub for many international students. India sharing most of its border with Nepal has an excellent relationship with our country in terms of education, business, economy, development, etc. There are many shining opportunities for Nepalese students in India. These opportunities will help the students rise in their own careers and have a glorious future ahead. Some opportunities for Nepalese students in India are mentioned below:

Youth hub of Asia

India is one of the successful countries providing an outstanding quality of education to its students. This quality makes them the youth hub of Asia as so many students all across the globe live in India to complete their higher education. Indian institutions and universities are recognized all over the globe, giving them a wide range of acceptability worldwide.

Places like Dehradun, Bangalore, Delhi, Nainital, Kota, etc are the cities of India that are solely famous for their prestigious schools and colleges, along with their quality of education all around the world. A survey in India shows it gets the maximum number of foreign students from Nepal. opportunities for Nepalese students in India are good and amazing.

India has a wide range of fresh courses with developed educational infrastructures, which makes it the first preference for many Nepalese students.

Special Scholarships for Nepalese students

India provides a variety of scholarships and financial aid to passionate Nepalese students who are willing to study in India. There are many popular scholarships like Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme, AYUSH scholarship scheme, APS Scholarship scheme, General scholarship scheme, etc. All of these scholarships provide partial or full financial aid to Nepalese students who want to pursue higher education in India in their respective careers.

Scholarships like these have helped so many underprivileged students of Nepal to have good quality education in India. These scholarships focus on the betterment of Nepalese students who have limited resources but higher aspirations. The eligibility of these scholarships is very minimum, and it doesn’t require any special documents or paperwork. These scholarships are one of the most reasons why most Nepalese students choose India for higher education.

Better Career Placement

Every individual wishes to have a great career starting after the completion of their education. Students engage in internships and placement hunting as soon as they get a degree on their hands. Indian Institutes make this step for their students easier. Many colleges and universities in India provide great deals of internship opportunities to their students, which gives the students the confidence to understand the work culture of a business organization.

Along with the internship, many reputed companies in India directly contact colleges and universities for fresher hiring. This step makes the struggles of students a little easier as they get a career placement opportunity to prove their competence and abilities. The students get international and national working opportunities to uplift their careers.

Higher Acceptance Rate

Like India, Nepal is also very renowned for its quality of education, which is a reason why many Nepalese students get quickly accepted to their dream colleges in India. Students from Nepal have to go through minimum requirements in comparison to any abroad students. India has been catering to the needs of Nepalese students for a very long time. India has a big role in educating and qualifying most Nepalese students. Because of similar cultural and language backgrounds, Nepalese students adapt to the Indian study environment. This is the reason many Nepalese students get shining marks and higher graduation rates in India.

Use of updated technology and infrastructures

India has impressive skills in technology and infrastructure. As a student, one gets to explore the trendiest and most updated versions of theory and practical education in the Indian education industry. The universities focus on giving the most advanced technology to their students, which makes them more and more curious about their studies. Nepalese students get a great level of exposure in India, which can be further used and developed in Nepal with the correct educational skills. Using technology has positively affected the lives of people around the globe. It must be used in the educational field to help students get familiar with the growing world.

Some opportunities for Nepalese students in India are mentioned above. All of the Nepalese students studying in India will find these opportunities to be very helpful and amazing.

If you are looking forward to studying in India, get a free counseling session at Krishna Foundation. We have helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired programs. With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students in India.

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