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Quick Guide For Nepalese Students To Study in India

guide for Nepalese students to study in India.

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Many Nepalese students struggle to get admitted into their favorite colleges or universities in India. Many students don’t have any idea about how they should start preparing for their dream college. Here’s a quick guide for Nepalese students to study in India. What should be the first step and how should they pursue their goals? At this stage, a counseling institute like the Krishna foundation makes the tasks easier for the students.

Krishna foundation has helped so many students fulfill their goals to study with the desired programs in India. With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students.

Our affiliation with top universities in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh has resulted in the enrollment of 500+ Nepalese students every year. Studying in India is not that hard if one knows the right steps to initiate. One must follow the given steps below to start their journey to study in their desired Indian college and university. Here’s a quick guide for Nepalese students to study in India:

Research your dream college

The first essential step to studying in India is to do some good quality research. Search about the best to worst colleges and universities providing your choice of career in India. Find out the minimum requirements and documents required for admission. Learn about the essential examinations for entrance and the marks required for acceptance into the college.

Search for a college that is according to your budget and has excellent education and placement structure for the success of their students. The success rate and reviews about the college must necessarily point to consider while researching any university or college. This step will help you get a rough idea about the colleges and their study structures. You will learn about all the basic requirements for studying in India.

Contact your counselor

Contacting a professional career consultancy will be a very helpful step for you. These career consultancies help students find the best colleges and universities for the students of their desired course. They will help the students to start the admission procedure. The counseling team will make your job easy by finding out all the pieces of information and admission procedure for your dream college.

Some consultancy themselves have tie-ups with the colleges and universities, which makes it easier for you to get admitted through their end. Krishna foundation is one of the best consultancies in Nepal. They have an experienced team and associations with lots of Indian universities which adds to the list of your quality universities. They also provide test preparation classes to help the students score significant marks for the entrance examinations. The consultancy is responsible for the overall admission process of the student.

Prepare for the entrances

Preparing for the entrance examinations is very important because admission solely depends on this step. Many Universities have a minimum score for entrance which is strictly required to be fulfilled to get admitted. If you enroll yourself in consultancies like Krishna foundation, you will not have to worry about his step as they have several test preparation and guidance classes for their students, which makes it easier for them to prepare for the test. So one must practice hard and try to enhance their knowledge abilities and score significant marks in these entrance exams.

Application Process

After the preparations for the exams, apply to your favorite colleges and universities through your consultancy. This step majorly depends on your consultancy because they have to get all the application and admission processes right for your favorite college. Krishna foundation as a consultancy takes all the responsibility for the application process, which brings ease to the students and helps them focus on their examinations. The application process also requires all the documents related to you. So, you must share all your important documents with your consultancy and be stress-free about your application procedure.

Board your Dreams

Once your application gets accepted, enjoy the victory and get ready to start a new journey in your life. Pack your back with all the homely love and board your flight to fly high in the sky of struggles for your future goal. Study hard and use all the resources provided by your college and university and achieve great success in your future. Utilize your skills and knowledge in the right place and get the bonus of small achievements.


If you are looking forward to studying in India, get a free counseling session at Krishna Foundation. We have helped so many students fulfill their goals to study in the desired programs. With a great professional team of experts, we have gathered all the educational information required to enroll in the top universities and explore various career options for Nepalese students in India.

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