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How To Get a No Objection Letter In Nepal?

Get a No Objection Letter In Nepal

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If you plan to study abroad, you should be familiar with the term NOC (No Objection Certificate). If not, this article will define NOC and address some often-asked queries. A NOC or letter of consent is a statement from the Nepalese government that it has no issues with your plans to study abroad. let’s see how you can get a no objection letter in Nepal.

A ” No Objection Letter” is another name, and only the minister of education is authorized to issue it (MoE). Once you get this letter from the ministry of education, you can only obtain a student visa and pursue an international education.

What Is The Purpose of a No Objection Letter?

If you have NOC, it means that the Nepalese government has permitted you to study abroad and that you can pay your tuition at the universities you select. If a student wants to pay an institution listed on the NOC, they must provide the NOC to the Bank.

The only institution that can be paid is the one specified on the NOC. If you wish to pay for multiple universities or nations, separate NOCs are required, and a NOC is required to convert NRP into any foreign currency.

Who Can Apply For a NOC?

Anyone who wants to study abroad can apply for a NOC. Students should, however, have a valid offer from the university or institution where they intend to study. Additionally, a student’s guardian can request a NOC on their behalf.

Among the guardians of the students are their parents, grandparents, older brother or sister, and spouses. If a guardian requests a NOC on a student’s behalf, they should submit the necessary paperwork, including proof of citizenship to get a no objection letter in Nepal.

What Documents Do You Need To Apply For a NOC in Nepal?

Students are required to submit specific documents and certificates while requesting a NOC. The information is as follows:

  • Valid Passport (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  • Citizenship (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  • The latest academic degree Transcripts (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  • You must have a current offer letter from the university/Institution Eligibility office and a registration certificate from the council if you’re studying medicine or nursing. (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  • A marriage registration certificate is required if your last name has changed due to your marriage.

Those mentioned above are the essential required documents while applying for a NOC in Nepal. 

How To Apply For a NOC Online?

You can also apply for a NOC online and get a no objection letter in Nepal. On July 15, 2020, the Nepalese government will make it easier for people to apply online for NOCs. Online NOC applications can be submitted by following the steps below.

  • Register for a user account at Before accessing the NOC application, you must register with an email address or phone number.
  • Complete the online application form and upload the necessary documents as directed. Verify that all of the documents you uploaded are readable.
  • You will be notified that your documents have been verified within 2 to 3 business days.
  • If your application is accepted, you must deposit Rs 2000 at Rastriya Banijya Bank for each NOC with the ministry of environment. You might be required to submit more documentation or information for verification.
  • You might not use the portal to specify the courses or institutions you plan to attend while applying for a NOC. In this case, you must submit a subject request.
  • Make sure you provide all the necessary details when making a subject request. If more information is required, it can take 1 to 2 business days for the subject to be accepted.
  • Keep working on your application after your subject has been approved. Once you log in, the approval notice can be found in the portal’s notification tab.
  • Even if you submitted your application online, you must pick up a printed copy at the Ministry of Education’s Scholarship division at Keshar Mahal. 

What Is The Process For Physically Obtaining a NOC?

Before the government introduced an online NOC application process in July 2020, obtaining a NOC required applying in person. However, a lot of students still value physical application today. Let’s see how can you get a no objection letter in Nepal physically. The steps for physically applying the NOC are as follows:

  • All necessary documentation must be obtained before applying for a NOC.
  • Fill out the application form completely with the necessary data. The application form is available online at or can be picked up in person at the ministry of education’s Keshar Mahal office in Kathmandu. You must submit a new application for each NOC you need for different levels, institutions, or subjects.
  • The application form and document verification are completed in windows 3.
  • Your payment should be made on windows 2.
  • Visit Windows 4 and submit your documents after making your payment. You’ll receive a random token number.
  • Your NOC can be obtained from Windows 6. 


The information and details provided in this article will hopefully help you to get a no objection letter in Nepal in case you plan on working and studying abroad.

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